Green Thumb SecretsHappy Fall everyone!  I absolutely love the fall season! There are so many things that make it great. Even though our temperatures this summer have been relatively cooler than what we are normally accustomed to, we can look forward to temperatures anywhere from 50-75 degrees in the fall. The nights get here sooner, you can actually take a brisk walk and enjoy it and absorb the beauty of the changing leaves.

Fall is a busy season for landscaping. In the fall there are a few pertinent things that need to be done, I thought I would expand on those in this newsletter:

Overseeding: This is a process where Winter Rye is sown into Bermuda grass. This winter rye then comes up as the Bermuda is going dormant, thus resulting in “green grass” in the wintertime. This process is not recommended for Centipede or Zoysia because it will cause those grasses to take longer to green up in the spring.  It is also time to overseed fescue lawns. Fescue is a cool season grass as well. If you have fescue then you know that it does not take the heat nor does it take dry periods very well the fall application will help with the summer damage that might have been caused from excessive heat and drought. It is important to remember though that over seeding will allow weeds into your turf and that you have to wait for 6 weeks to spray for the weeds.

Dormancy Fertilization: This is perhaps the most important thing (next to lime) that you can do to your lawn! Dormancy fertilization is an application of potash. This potash allows the roots of your turf to store food over the winter so that it is ready for green up in the spring.

Winter ColorPansies, panolas, violas and winter cabbage are just a few of the winter flowers that you can choose from to give you a great long lasting color in the winter. We like to put in yellow pansies and panolas because they are the original color and take easily. The planting date for winter color is after Oct. 15th. If you want us to plant some for you or would like to have them delivered to your house for you to plant just call or e-mail us with your color preference and quantities. For pansies, panolas and violas there are 36 plants in a flat. Planted they are $36.00 per flat with amendment or $12.00 per flat delivered.

Hard Pruning: I prefer to do hard pruning in the fall. It is less stressful on the plants & takes less water than early spring. The plant will be somewhat unsightly during the wintertime however it will allow the first flush of spring growth to stay on the plant rather than being cut off. If you have plants that are way over grown or if you would like to know more about hard pruning please call the office.

Save the Date: Please remember to schedule yourselves to come here on November 1st. We had to change the date so I apologize about that!  It is our Annual Customer Appreciation dinner! No sale pitches just a time to come out eat, talk to us, see the shop and meet other customers. You can even bring a friend if you want to. We will have bar-b-que, coleslaw, beer, and wine, live entertainment and free door prizes every hour. It will be a drop in from 4-9:00pm

Green Dreams Landscaper of the YearNational Landscaper of The Year:  We are proud to say that we have chosen as one of 12 Finalist for the prestigious Landscaper of the Year award. This is a national award that is presented by “Total Landscape Care” Magazine. We will find out in November if we won or not. At this point though we have won an all expense paid trip to the Bahamas and the recognition of being chosen a finalist. There are thousands of other landscapers that we have competed against at this point.  Please wish us luck! As soon as we know I will put out a newsletter or e-mail. 

Greens Industry Conference: Oct. 22-Oct. 27th Lewis and I will be gone to Kentucky for our National Conference. This is our conference where we go and learn about new items and products and get our recertification. I will be taking my CLP (Certified Landscape Professional) exam this year. Hopefully I will get a passing grade. Wish me luck! 

Contract Renewals: Most of our contracts run from January- December (fiscal calendar). If your contract with us expires December 31st, you will be receiving your renewal in the mail within the next 4 weeks. We are increasing our rates by 2% this year. This is still lower than the standard industry of 3.75%.

Property Contact Sheets: We are mailing out property contact forms with this newsletter for everyone to fill out.  Please fill this form out and send it back to us. It is very important that we either have an e-mail address or a contact number for all of our customers. This information is never sold or given out to any third parties. If you send in your birthday it is only so that we can send you a Happy Birthday Card or E-mail.

Referrals: Don’t forget, if you refer one of your friends to us and they have work done or sign up for regular maintenance you get a $25.00 referral credit! Word of mouth and happy customers is what keeps us in business.

Recipe of the Month: Ok I will admit I did not create this recipe, I borrowed it from Facebook. I have tried it though and all I can say is that it is truly worth eating!


Ingredients: 5 Servings

-One 16-oz pkg (about 5 1/2 cups) dry broccoli cole slaw

-One 8-oz can (about 1 cup) sliced water chestnuts, drained

-1 cup canned Mandarin orange segments packed in juice (or light syrup), drained and chopped

-1 cup chopped scallions

-12 oz cooked and chopped skinless lean chicken breast

-3/4 cup low-fat sesame ginger dressing (like Newman’s Own Lite Low Fat Sesame Ginger Dressing)

In a large bowl, combine slaw, water chestnuts, orange segments, scallions, and chicken. Mix well. Top with dressing and toss to coat.

As always thank you for taking the time to read this newsletter and for being our most awesome customers! 😉

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