September 2012 Newsletter

PInehurst NC Landscaping

Happy September! I just have to say that this time of the year is perhaps one of my favorites! The weather starts to turn cooler (and it has been wonderful). The complexities of landscaping start to slow down and I get to eat a lot of birthday cake! I welcome fall!

We finally decided that we are going to have our Open House on Thursday November 2, 2012 from 3:00-7:00 pm. We are having a pig picking so come hungry and ready to have a good time! Make sure you come because we are giving away free plantings, chemical treatments, and other items!

With the cooler weather I do believe that our Begonias are going to die out early. Almost all of the impatiens have all ready. We will be removing the spring flowers by the first of October and will be replacing them with Yellow Pansies and Panola’s. If you are interested in having the annual flowers for winter please let me know and we will get you on the schedule. Bulbs: If you are interested in spring bulbs please let me know and I can send you a price list for planting. Right now I am ordering Crocus, Hyacinth, Tulips, and several varieties of Lilies.

Pre-Emergent, Fertilizer & Winter Rye:
With the cooler temperatures it is time to start putting out fall pre-emergent, fertilizer (dormancy) and winter rye. Most of you know what you get in your contract but if you have any questions or you want to schedule these services please let me know. We will start doing all of these services next week. If you over seed we will mow the grass short this week and next, just so you are aware of it.

Hard Pruning:
Now is the time that we hard prune plants. As long as you are okay with looking at sticky bushes through the winter there is no reason not to hard prune (unless of course they bloom in the fall, winter or spring (ie:, azaleas, camellias, and rhododendrons). The plants are less likely to be stressed in the winter than in the early spring. When we hard prune in the fall we always fertilize them as well and that way they have a good source of nutrients for the root system throughout the winter.

Plantings & the Monthly Special:
Fall is also the time to plant. There is less water usage and less stress on plants, and they become acclimated to their new homes easier. If you are thinking of doing any planting or transplanting now is the time to get it done. We are offering a buy two get one half price sale for all trees that we plant in October!

Monthly Recipe:
Every time my family gets together I am requested to cook Dana’s Touch Down Taco Dip. So just in time for FOOTBALL Season here it is:
Shopping List: 1 can of refried Beans, 1-8oz package of (softened) cream cheese, 1- 12 oz package of Mexican cheese, and 1- package of taco seasoning ( I use Old ElPaso mild), 1-bag of tortilla chips or “Scoops”.
In oven proof baking dish spread can of refried beans on bottom. In separate container mix taco seasoning and cream cheese together (make sure the cream cheese is softened if not it will be a pain in the rear to mix). Take the mixture and spread it on top of the refried beans. Add a generous amount of Mexican cheese to the top. Stick in a 350* oven for 25 minutes or until bubbly. Serve with tortilla chips or scoops. THE INSIDE WILL BE VERY WARM SO PLEASE BE CAREFUL!

We want to thank everyone for the great recommendations that they sent in. Please feel free to keep sending them! Remember that if you refer someone and they sign a one-year contract for maintenance you get a $25.00 credit to use anyway you want.

My Recommendations:
Container Plantings: Linda Hamwi is. Linda does all of our containers here at the office. She is a master gardener and volunteers at the Ag Center. 910-690-2694

Dog Groomer:
Sandy Vandall with Canine Divine is the gal to call. She does our Frank and Bandit and her new shop is in Southern Pines. Her number is 910-246-0899

As always thank you for being such great customers and great friends. If you need anything please call the office and we look forward to seeing you soon 😉