Summer is close!

Winter has gone and spring is nearly over. The weather is becoming more tolerant. We have had our challenges this year haven’t we? Snow, sleet, ice then 90 degree temperatures, and then temperatures immediately back in the 60’s again… Hopefully Mother Nature has calmed down some and will allow us a normal summer now.

Bermuda GrassI wanted to talk to everyone about warm season grass. Due to the harsh winter we had the sod companies are not able to cut zoysia, centipede and Bermuda grasses at this time. The tinsel strength of the sod is only 6/10th which means that for every 10 pieces they pull only 6 stay together. Warm season grasses grow best when temperatures are between 75-90 degrees and we have just not really had that consistently this year. We had an entire week of 90+ temperatures, but all that did was damage the grass more because it was too early for it. Now that normal spring temperatures are here, we should start to see out turfs greening up. The sod companies are saying that the sod will be available to the end consumer after June 1st, 2014.


Anna Gunter Green Dreams Landscape ManagementYou will notice a few changes with our company structure. Anna Gunter will be our customer and crew liaison, please feel free to call and speak with her if you have concerns and questions about your properties.




I will be doing assessments and checking after the guys, & Jeff Burleson is now heading up our Irrigation Division. We are making these changes so that you will get the best service possible from us. Our irrigation rates are $75.00 per hour.

We will be operating normal schedules throughout the US Open. If you need something special for the open done please call the office as we are currently on a 6 + week backlog for new work due to the open.

Do you miss the monthly recipes? Would you like to see and learn about a plant of the month? If you have an idea for the newsletter please let us know. We would love to hear your ideas.

Irrigation checks: as the summer gets here you need to make sure your sprays heads are operating correctly. Let us send Jeff to adjust them for you.

Thanks for everything and for being great customers!
Dana, Lewis & the Green Dreams Team