Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

I don’t know about you all but I can say that I have so much to be thankful for! I had to have a heart catheterization at the beginning of the month and I got a clean bill of heart health! As some of you may know I have had some health issues this past summer and between the endoscopy, colonoscopies and now the heart cath I was glad to get some really good news! Hopefully now we can get all this behind me and get back on track! It was due to this that we had to postpone our Annual Customer Appreciation Barbeque. We are planning on having it in January after the holidays.

thanksgiving_squirrels_sm-1Holiday Events
We will be closed for Thanksgiving (Thursday the 27th). We will also be closed Thursday the 25th of December in observance of Christmas and again on Thursday the 1st of January for New Years Day. We will be doing services the days before and the days after to catch up. (i.e: if your service is normally done on Thursday it may be done on either a Tuesday or Wednesday before or the day immediately afterwards). I hope this makes sense to everyone.

Contract Renewals & Payment Questions
We are working on getting contract renewals out and should have them out to everyone by the first of December. If you have any questions about them please feel free to call or email me at dana@littlemissmowitallnc.com. You can also call Janet or email her at janet@littlemissmowitallnc.com, she is our bookkeeper and is the one that you can call to set up payment arrangements and billing questions.

It is about time to shut irrigation systems down. If you have not done so already and would like us to shut your system down please give us a call or an email so that we can get you on our schedule to be turned off. The last thing you want is to have a frozen back flow preventer that has to be replaced.

Christmas Lighting
We do outdoor lighting and can do your Christmas lighting for you. Call us for an estimate. Simple, elegant or like the Griswolds. We can help your holidays shine!

Moore County Landfill
The Moore county landfill will start charging a fee for dumping of debris beginning January 1, 2015. This fee is supposed to be $15.00 per ton. We will have no other choice than to charge this fee to our customers. If you live in an area that allows us to place debris at the side of the road, we will not charge a fee to you. If we have to pick this debris up the rate will be $3.00 per service date. Please let us know if you have any questions about this and we can explain our thoughts and reasons. All HOA’s and commercial accounts will be assessed differently. Please schedule a meeting with Dana to discuss options if an agreement has not already been reached.

Green Dreams Website
Our website has had a new facelift. New pictures of some of our houses have been added to it, yours maybe on there as well! Why don’t you go visit it at www.littlemissmowitallnc.com. You can sign up for our Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and or Google page and be registered for a free drawing!

Rate increase
We will be increasing our rates by 3% this year. This is 1-2% less than other companies in our areas are increasing, for some of you this is the first time that we have raised our rates in 3 years. Please call us if this is going to be a hardship on you. We would rather work with you than lose you as a customer.

Did you know?
Did you know that we have an actual office and a mini-nursery? You should come by and look one day for yourself. We are hoping to get our showroom finished within the next couple of months (before January) as well. We want to continue to grow so that we can be that place that you go to for everything, and when your kids and grandkids grow up they can come here as well.

Community Givebacks
Did you know that we choose a charity each month to either designate time or money to? This month we are supporters of Friend to Friend. This information was taken from their website at www.friendtofriend.me.

“Friend to Friend is a non-profit organization, located in Moore County, North Carolina, that offers help to all persons affected by interpersonal violence, such as domestic violence, sexual assault and unhealthy relationships.  We offer help in the following areas.
Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault, Elder Abuse, Human Trafficking, Child Abuse, Unhealthy Relationships, Domestic violence crosses, ethnic, racial, age, religious, sexual orientation, national origin, and socioeconomic lines. The health-related costs alone of rape, physical assault, stalking and homicide committed by intimate partners exceed $5.8 billion each year, according to a report released by the centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Moore County had two deaths due to domestic violence in 2011.

The Gift of Serving Others…In 2013, Friend to Friend:
Assisted approximately 2,700 victims.
Served 7,384 meals to our clients.
Presented prevention programs to over 3,000 Moore County Students.
Provided more than 1,925 nights of safe refuge, housing an average of 8 women and children per night.
Utilized more than 100 volunteers, totaling over 1300 volunteer hours.
Received a total of more than 1,600 crisis calls and client support sessions.
Assisted with more than 350 restraining orders and accompanied clients to court more than 300 times as p
art of our court advocacy services. Friend to Friend is committed to help survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault.”

Thank you always for being great customers! Dana, Lewis Robert & The Green Dreams Team