Happy New Year!

We hope that everyone had a wonderful New Year and that this coming year is full of health, happiness, prosperity, and good fortune! As for all of us here at Green Dreams we made sure to eat the traditional Southern meal, fatback, collards, black eyed peas and cornbread.

Effective the first of January we started billing at the beginning of the month. Your bill will be now due on the 30th of each month. If you pay prior to the 15th of the month you are eligible to take the $5.00 off still. Credit cards will be ran on the week of the 15th each month. If this is not a good day for you and you prefer to have it done on a different day please e-mail our office or you can call the office at 910-944-9412. This new billing will make it easier so that everyone knows that their current bill is for the month that we are in.

Crape Myrtle Pruning:
I assume that everyone that lives here knows that we have an Agricultural Extension office in Carthage. The head of the AG Extension is Taylor Williams. Taylor recently taught a class at Sandhills Community College on the Principles of Pruning. He talked about why it is not beneficial to a crape myrtle to prune it back but more detrimental to its health and shape. NC State teaches that about the 3D’s, which stands for dead, diseased and damaged, we call this “Selective Pruning”. While we adhere to what NC State teaches and follow the selective pruning practices, we still follow what our customer’s wishes are. If you want your Crape Myrtles severely pruned back I need to know (because obviously we have not done this unless you told me previously) immediately so that we can get it done prior to March 15th. ☺ Thank you for your cooperation on this!

Soil Samples:
We just received our soil sample results back from the State. We will be sending you a copy of them this month. If the soil sample shows that you need lime, we will also be sending you an estimate for the lime because it is usually put out either in Feb. or March.

Hopefully we will be putting pre-emergent out in February. Pre-Emergent is a chemical that is put out to basically sterilize the weeds (mainly crabgrass) that are in your turf. It will not kill the weeds that are currently actively growing in your turf. Pre-Emergent needs to be put out when the core temperature of the earth is 57 degrees. This means that if it is cold and then it gets warm and it is supposed to get cold again (like last year did) we will wait to put out the pre-emergent. We do this as a benefit to all of our customers because Pre-Emergent is only good for 6 weeks. Our vendor, Site One Landscaping and the NCCES, takes a daily temperature reading. These are the temperatures that we go by. If you do not have Pre-emergent or Post-Emergent in your contract and would like it, please let us know this month so that we can add it to your service.

Spring Annuals:
Even though it does not seem like it, Spring is just around the corner. I have placed a pre-order for annuals that will be put out after the 15th of April. I have ordered Mediterranean Vinca, Red and Green Leaf Begonias as well as Coleus, Fountain Grasses and Bounce Impatiens. If you want us to plant your flowers, please let me know. Our price per flat may seem expensive but it includes tilling up of the bed, fertilizer, the flowers and the labor for planting. Once you average all this into the price I think we are still cheaper than other companies that are doing it because all that they do is plant them.

Thank you as always for being awesome customers!
Dana, Lewis, Robert & the Little Miss Mow It All Team