Happy New Year!

Happy_New_Year_2015Please let me wish to you all a New Year full of health, happiness, love, peace, joy, prosperity and friendship.

May you be blessed coming and going




Annual Customer Appreciation Barbecue

BBQ_pigFriday January 23rd from 4:30-9:30pm. Dinner will be Lewis’ famous barbecue, Cole slaw, baked beans, chips, Hawaiian bread, sweet and unsweet tea, beer, wine and coffee.

So make sure you come to our shop at 707 S. Pinehurst St Unit N, Aberdeen, NC. All the employees will be there and you can just sit and learn more about us and them. Dark Horse will be playing from 5:30-8:30 so come and enjoy some music as well!

Contract Renewals & Payment Questions

We have sent out contracts. We will continue to service your properties regardless if we get these back or not. However, it is to your benefit that you read and sign them. Please make sure that you return the purple form. If there were no changes then you can mark no changes however you need to make sure that you mark the debris section☺.
If you have any questions about them please feel free to call or email me at dana@littlemissmowitallnc.com. You can also call Janet or email her at janet@littlemissmowitallnc.com, she is our bookkeeper and is the one that you can call to set up payment arrangements and billing questions.


pinestraw_mulchMulch and Pinestraw is officially on sale now!
Pinestraw is $6.50 per bale delivered and spread and mulch is $54.89 per cubic yard delivered and spread. This is a 10% discount off the normal price.

Orders must be placed by January 30th. Orders will be fulfilled on a first come first served basis and must be completed prior to March 1st to get the sale price. We have mailed out the mulch, pinestraw, lime and grub estimates. If you would like to order these please sign the estimates and return them with your deposit or, you can call the office and we can schedule it for you. We can also secure payment with a credit card.

Did you know?

Did you know that we do outdoor lighting? If you have ever wondered what your house would look like with professional lighting at night call us. We are offering a free demo for select pre-qualified homeowners. Call Dana to schedule an appointment at 910-944-9412.

To Clarify the Landfill Fee

The Moore County Landfill is now charging everyone a fee for disposal. There is a minimum of $3.00 per dump (which means that if we pick up 1 pine cone and stick and carry it to the dump for you they will charge us $3.00 for that pinecone and stick.). If there is more than a ton they will charge $15.00 per ton. Everyone has debris. Debris comes in the form of pine cones, sticks, leaves, trimmings, clippings. We have no other choice than to charge this fee to our customers. If you live in an area that allows us to place debris at the side of the road, we will not charge a fee to you. If we have to pick this debris up, the rate will be $3.00 per service date. Some of the towns will be issuing receptacles. If we can fit the debris into the receptacles we will be more than happy to put it into them, however please be aware of the following:

A. If there is not a receptacle available on the day of your service we will charge a $3.00 service charge. It is each homeowner’s responsibility to make sure that the receptacle is outside where we have access. Please make sure that it is notated on the CONTACT INFORMATION SHEET WHERE THE RECEPTACLE IS LOCATED, IF YOU HAVE NOT TURNED THIS IN PLEASE DO SO!

B. If the debris does not fit into the receptacle and we have to remove the excess debris there will be a $3.00 service charge.

C. We will not put the receptacle out at the road. We will put it back in the same place where it was left for us.

D. We will not bundle sticks nor separate debris. This takes labor which costs money and will cost more than the $3.00 disposal fee.

Community Giveback this Month is the Izzy Foundation.
The Izzy Foundation provides services and support to those families with children who have debilitating diseases.  The Foundation hopes to help families live, love, laugh and play.  The Izzy Foundation is a nonprofit organization [501(c)(3)] based in Providence, RI.
For those of you that do not know Dr. Kurt Wohlrab, MD, with Pinehurst Surgical Clinic, was Izzy’s Uncle. This little girl touched this community greatly. It is through her and her Uncle Kurt and Aunt Julie and that the Annual Izzy Palooza is able to help many charities including the Sandhills Childrens Center. We are working with the Izzy Foundation & the Childrens Center in hopes of redoing the playground this coming summer. If you would like more information about this great charity please visit the izzyfoundation.org. We will be having a Donation Jar in January at the Bar-b-Que as well.

Do you have a Charity that you think we should donate time, money or materials to? If you do please let us know. Part of our request is that it has to impact our community locally. Call Dana to set up a meeting.

We look forward to seeing you on the 23rd!
Thank you always for being great customers! Dana, Lewis Robert & The Green Dreams Team