red_heartI want to personally thank everyone that came out to the BBQ. It was cold and wet outside but we still had a great turnout inside. For those that are unaware we have around 9000 sqft of warehouse space. Every year for the BBQ we take that space and set up tables, we have heaters so that it is nice and warm and then have the band and the food. I think we will keep with our old schedule though and try to do it in October/ November this year instead of January. It just got too dark to early. I think the final count was 238 people that came so: THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!



old_school_houseIf you don’t know Lewis and I went to school in February again (haha). We are now certified to maintain and inspect Stormwater best management practices. What does this mean? If you have retention ponds, or have areas that collect water that runs directly into our streams we can maintain them and inspect for you. These practices cost a lot of money to install so why not make sure they are functioning properly? We can also install them for you if the need arises. We also install permeable pavers, that some municipalities recognize as permeable surface. So if you have been wanting a paved driveway and could not do it due to impervious surface, give us a call and we can give you an estimate. Lewis is PICP (permeable interlocking concrete pavement) certified by ICPI (Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute). Stormwater BMP also deals with rain water harvesting and green roofs. We will be offering a class in April on green roofs and on vertical gardening. Watch the newsletter and our Facebook page for more information on this!


$2495.00 with a firepit. Belgard Dublin Cobble patio 10×10 with a Rockwood Necessories round fire pit. Some restrictions apply. Give us a call and Lewis will come out and discuss with you your options.


I assume that everyone that lives here knows that we have an Agricultural Extension office in Carthage. The head of the AG Extension is Taylor Williams. Taylor recently taught a class at Sandhills Community College (01/27/15) on the Principles of Pruning. He talked about why it is not beneficial to a crape myrtle to prune it back but more detrimental to its health and shape. NC State teaches that about the 3D’s, which stands for dead, diseased and damaged, we call this “Selective Pruning”. While we adhere to what NC State teaches and follow the selective pruning practices, we still follow what our customer’s wishes are. If you want your Crape Myrtles severely pruned back I need to know (because obviously we have not done this unless you told me previously) immediately so that we can get it done prior to March 15th. Thank you for your cooperation on this!


contact_us_signWe are including a contact sheet with the newsletter and invoice this month. PLEASE FILL THIS OUT SEND IT BACK WITH YOUR PAYMENT, YOU CAN EMAIL IT TO: This has the section on what to do with the debris on it. If I am not sure what we are doing with the debris and we are carrying it away there is a $3.00 per service trip charge. If you live in an area where the town picks up, like me in Pinebluff, let me know where to put the debris and there will not be a charge. Help me save you money if we can, by filling it out.
If you have not sent in your contract please do so. I need those. I had an insurance audit last week and part of what we got busted on was not having signed contracts for all of our customers.


We will be starting to put out Pre-Emergent, Lime and Post-Emergent within the next couple of weeks. When we put these out we will put a door hanger on your door to let you know that we have been there. If you do not want us to leave a door hanger please let us know. If you do not get these services and want them or would like a quote for them please call the office and Dana will get you on the schedule.


john_deere_platformWe are working in cooperation with Kenny Love at John Deere Landscapes on doing a Community project so for the months of February, March and April. Our Charity of the Month will be going towards that community project. We will let you know more about this project as it gets further under way!!!!


Thank you for being the great customers that you are! We appreciate it!
Dana, Lewis, Robert & Your Green Dreams Team!

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