HOLIDAYS Since this is the newsletter for the quarter, I want to let you know that our office will be closed for Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and New Year’s Day.

NEWSLETTER CHANGES We wanted to let you know about some changes in the newsletter. We will only be mailing newsletters out quarterly now. If you have a property manager, please make sure that they are getting them to you.  We will continue to post a monthly newsletter on our website which you can sign up for, if you have not done so already, by going to Green Dreams Landscape Management. If you would like to continue to receive our written newsletter please let us know in the office (Kiersten) or by calling 910-944-9412 and talking to either Kiersten or Brenda, they can also update your information at that time.

MOLES☺ Why am I smiling when I talk about these little creatures that destroy our turf? Because NC has finally approved some products that will allow us to eradicate them! Finally we can get rid of them rather than sending them to your neighbor’s yard! The golf courses should no longer be sending them to your yard either! Now you understand the happiness I hope! Here is some more information about it if you would like: North Carolina State University. This service is normally not covered in part of your contract but if you would like more information about it or would like to purchase it in next year’s contract let us know now.

OFFICE HOURS Office hours are Monday-Thursday from 9-4 and Friday from 9-12. We are closed on Saturdays and Sundays. In the event of an emergency you can reach us after hours at 910-695-5951. Calling this number will result in an after-hours service charge. Please call the office with requests rather than texting so that the proper person can be notified. I am only human and sometimes forget things that have been texted to me and then people get upset.

NORTH CAROLINA LANDSCAPE CONTRACTOR LICENSE LAW Did you know that it is now a law that if you have more than $30,000.00 worth of landscape work done in a 12 month period that it has to be completed by a licensed landscape contractor? Green Dreams Landscape Management Inc., and Dana both hold licenses. Lewis and Robert are in the process of working on theirs. If you as a homeowner hire someone that is not licensed your project may be stopped and you may or may not be assessed a fine by the State. Is it really worth it to hire someone else?

OUTDOOR LIVING SPACES Remember that we not only do landscape maintenance but we do hardscapes as well. We were recently selected by TECHO-BLOC as one of 8 contractors in North America to be highlighted in their upcoming showcases. One of our projects will be used in their international catalogue. Please visit our social media page: SOCIAL MEDIA CENTRAL: Want to know what all is going on with us and see all of our pictures? GREEN DREAMS SOCIAL MEDIA CENTRAL

TRIMMING OF SHRUBS We trim all of our houses on a 4 week rotation and trim all of our HOA’s on an 8 week rotation. We only trim the new growth off of the shrubs. HARD PRUNING is not part of regular trimming.  This time of the year we only trim the tops of camellias, azaleas and rhododendrons because they have set their blooms for next season already.

Here is some information for you on the different types of pruning:

Renovation/hard pruning

Renovation pruning, which can be considered to be hard pruning for the purpose of renewing a plant, is carried out on woody plants which have become neglected or overgrown. It generally involves the gradual reduction of old growth, so that the plant is less cluttered and encouraged to put on new growth. You should check that the plant will tolerate hard pruning before carrying out these operations.

Plants which grow beyond their required size (particularly shrubs) are often hard pruned to keep them within their boundaries. However, it should be kept in mind that hard pruning encourages young, vigorous growth, so it may be counterproductive in reducing the size of a plant. Hard pruning is also used to even out lopsided growth. Coppicing and pollarding are examples of hard pruning techniques which are often used to rejuvenate trees and shrubs where they respond well to this type of treatment.

Where a plant is diseased you should deal with this before carrying out any renovation or hard pruning. If the plant cannot be cured then it should be replaced rather than renovated. Very old plants may also be unable to survive the process of renovation and new plants should be bought instead.

Renovation or hard pruning should be carried out in autumn/winter for deciduous plants (when they are dormant) and spring for evergreen plants (when they are just starting to grow again), or at the appropriate time for the plant in question if it’s pruned in a different season to the ‘norm’.

FALL FERTILIZATION of SHRUBS AND TURF Fall fertilization of shrubs and turf has already been done for all the homes and HOA’s at the beginning of October. This is your most important application because it is a dormancy fertilization which feeds the roots throughout the winter. If you did not get a tag on your front door please let me know as you may not get this in your contract. We can add this into your service for a few more dollars per month!

ELK LODGE HOME & GARDEN SHOW We will be at the Elks Lodge on October 16th & 17th for the Fall Home & Garden Expo. Why don’t you come by and visit us ?

FALL FLOWERS We will be putting out pansies, violas and cabbages in the next few weeks. If you have not ordered yours please call the office at 910-944-9412 as the time for planting is getting short. It is also time to plant Spring blooming bulbs such as TULIPS & DAFFODILS.

CONTAINERS Did you know that we sell containers and fountains? We have a gorgeous array of flower pots for sale. You can come to the office and look at what we have for sale anytime that you want. If you purchase them in a set you receive a 20% discount. They are handmade, glazed Vietnamese containers that are weatherproof. This means that you can leave them outdoor all winter long!!! We can even plant them for you☺

SCOUT GUIDE Once again we were lucky enough to be part of the Scout Guide this year. It is currently in publication and will be available for pickup in September. We are the only landscaper that has been chosen to be in it twice. Please follow this wonderful publication for local shopping. If you want a copy of this let us know and we will save you a copy! SCOUT GUIDE

We hope you have enjoyed this newsletter. If there is something that you would like for us to put in them please let us know. Thank you again for being wonderful customers and part of our family! Dana, Lewis, Robert and the Green Dreams Team!