Grass CyclingGRASSCYCLING…an ecologically and financially sound program for your lawn.

Facts About Grass Clippings

• North Carolina state law prohibits disposal of yard wastes, including grass
clippings, in landfills.

• Using grass clippings as a nutrient source for your lawn can save time and
money and protect the environment.

• Grass clippings don’t cause thatch.

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The GrassCycling Concept

Leave grass clippings on the lawn! Grass clippings are 75 to 85 percent water
and a good source of nutrients. When left on the lawn after mowing they quickly
decompose and release nutrients. Through grasscycling, you can supply up to
25 percent of the lawn’s yearly fertilizer needs, which means saving money and
time. (And it means you do not have to rake and bag for hours.)

For more information on grasscycling, contact your county Cooperative Extension