We all hope that you had a great New Years and that the year has treated you nicely so far. I can tell you that I hope that Mother Nature will get her mind straight and quit being confused?

I wanted to fill you all in on a few things that are going to happen and when they should start so that you have a heads up:

If your services went down during the winter months we will start routing you back into the schedule in February. This will enable us to finish all the winter trimming that needs to be done prior to Green Up in March.

During the next couple of months we will be performing the following trimming services:

  • Trimming of Crape Myrtles (this is only done on Crape Myrtles that are less than 14’ in height per contractual agreement). We trim Crape Myrtles according to techniques taught by NC State. We selectively prune any branches that are growing incorrectly, crossing each other or if they will cause a problem later on. If you have a branch that you want cut back please let me know as the guys only have loppers that cut up to an inch in diameter on their trucks. We can do larger trees and branches but that requires another crew to come out that is insured differently and therefor is an additional charge.
  • We will be trimming all grasses including pampas, muhly and liriope. This will help any plants with anthracnose to recover. We will also go around in February and give all the shrubs a nice hair cut before the season starts! All of our blades were just sharpened (yay) .
  • Pre-Emergent will start as soon as the core temperature of the Earth is 57*. If you do not have a chemical package we offer it to our residential customers for as low as $32.50 per month additional!

Do you need pine straw or mulch? If so don’t forget to call and order it before Feb 28th. It is 10% off through then!

We really appreciate all of you and hope that our year together is awesome!

Yours Truly,

The Crew at Miss Mow It All, LLC!