Green Thumb SecretsGoodness the weather has been just crazy this year hasn’t it? I was reading an article that NC State sent to us about how the rain had depleted the soil nutrients.  Some of the excerpts from the article are as follows: “Our sandy, light-colored soils have limited ability to hold nutrients to begin with,” Hardy said. “And some of our nutrients are what we call ‘mobile in soils,’ simply meaning they move with excessive water through the soil. Farmers are more familiar with the term ‘leaching.’

“Potassium, nitrogen and sulfur are the most mobile nutrients,” Hardy said, “but even nutrients such as magnesium, which is held more tightly than potassium, can be depleted due to excessive rainfall. This year growers across the state really need to check the nutrient status of soils by soil testing.”

To read the full article you can go to: – 005513

We just finished fertilization of the turfs last week. If this is not part or your contract and you would like for us to fertilize your turf or spray your turf for weeds please call or e-mail us so that we can get you on an estimate and get your on the schedule. 910-944-9412

It’s Soil Sample Time:  During the next couple of weeks you will see Bill and Bentley coming around to get soil samples. Due to the above article the State is recommending that we get the samples in as soon as we can which will help us to evaluate the soil reports prior to the end of the year, which will help us when it comes to ordering your lime.

Over seeding with Winter Rye: If you are interested or want over seeding with Winter Rye (which is only recommended for Bermuda grass) please let me know ASAP! We need to get the grass seed down no later than the 4th week of September so that a good stand will occur.

Fall Flowers: We will have mums available for planting starting Sept.15th. I will also need to know if you want annual winter color. I am ordering yellow and rust colored pansies and Panola’s along with purple cabbage.

SAVE THE DATE: Please remember to schedule yourselves to come here on October 25th. It is our Annual Customer Appreciation dinner! No sale pitches just a time to come out eat, talk to us, see the shop and meet other customers. You can even bring a friend if you want to.

As always thank you Again! If you have any questions or comments please call the office and we look forward to seeing you soon 😉

Dana Shook & Lewis Bennett – Sanford NC Landscape Maintenance