Sanford Landscape MaintenanceHappy Easter Everyone! Believe it or not after the 15th of April, spring will be here. I say after the 15th of April because that is the last frost warning according to the Farmers Almanac. It is also the day that all of us old timers say you can plant after.

What is going to be happening at Green Dreams – Sanford Landscape Management – during the month of April and May?

Fertilizer: Now that warmer temperatures are here and now that we pretty much know that there is not going to be another frost we can start doing shrub fertilizations and turf fertilizations along with insecticide for shrubs. You will notice that Lewis Sr. will be coming around doing those. People ask us why we don’t do shrub and turf fertilizer earlier and the reason is simple: if we put out fertilizer and it produces new baby growth on shrubs and turf and then the temperatures get below freezing the liquid in those new cells can freeze and burst causing damage to the plant and turf. The actual techy term is “cytolysis”.

Annuals: Will be coming next week: We are ordering Green and Red leaf begonias, sun impatiens, vincas (the Cora variety), Caladiums and Coleus. Our colors will be pinks, purples, red, whites, and oranges. If you have not ordered them and you are wanting them please let me know so that I can get them in for you.

Post Emergent: Lewis Sr. will be coming around spraying for weeds within the next couple weeks. Your lawn may have a tinge of blue mixed on it. This is the blue marking dye that we use. There will be signs put out at your door and or at the entrance to your association when we put out the post emergent.

Winter Damage Assessments for shrubs: We have noticed a lot of winter damage and thought we would share a blurb about winter kill in shrubs from NC State for more information you can go to


Care after damage: Wait before pruning because even dead-looking plants may still be alive. The extent of winter damage can best be determined after new growth starts in the spring. Damaged plants may be delayed in starting spring growth. Broadleaved evergreens showing leaf damage will usually produce new leaves if branches and vegetative leaf buds have not been too severely injured. Damaged leaves may drop naturally or be removed by hand.

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Prune all dead twigs or branches back to within 1/4 inch above a live bud or flush with the nearest live branch. Do not remove branches that reveals a green layer underneath when scraped with a knife. They should eventually develop new growth.

Training: In an effort to promote ongoing training, we will be closed on Friday May 9, 2014. All of us will be attending a leadership seminar that day. We will be doing property the day prior to or the day after they are scheduled. If you have any questions please feel free to call us. All of our employees are required to know the common characteristics of azaleas, gardenias, camellias, crape myrtles, rhododendrons, ligustrums, loropetalums, shrub formed holly’s, wax myrtles and hydrangeas. They are also required to know what these plants look like and are graded on them prior to being hired on a permanent basis.

PLANET Day of Service: This year in conjunction with our customer Dr. & Mrs. Kurt Wohlrab, we have given 12 pallets of sod to Pinebluff Veterans Memorial. Every year PLANET members participate in a day of Service on Earth day.

PLANET: PLANET is the national trade association representing more than 100,000 landscape industry professionals, who create and maintain healthy, green living spaces for communities across America. PLANET members are committed to the highest standards in industry education, best practices, and business professionalism.

Billing: Please remember that we bill for the month that we are in. If I bill you on the 15th of that month and you pay prior to the last day of the month you can take $5.00 off that invoice. If you pay with a credit card the office will automatically bill your card no later than the week of the 25th. Last month due to me be gone on vacation credit card billing was done late and I apologize.

Contracts: If you received a contract in the mail it is because yours is either coming up for renewal or we never received a signed one from you. It is imperative that I please get this back from you! This is a guarantee that your price stays low, that we service your property, that we keep our insurance but it also helps me to be able to buy new equipment, new trucks, etc. Without this the banks will not loan money to us as a business and Lewis and I have to sign for everything personally. Please help us with this as we just purchased two landscape trucks for a grand price of $97,000.00!

Thanks for everything! You guys are super customers☺

Dana, Lewis & The Green Dreams Team