Moore County Chamber Small Business of the yearBusiness of the Year Moore County ChamberFirst and foremost I want to let everyone know that we won “Small Business of the Year 2012” from the Moore County Chamber of Commerce this past Friday night (April 12th. 2013). This accomplishment is only because of you, our great customers and our great employees. Without you, we would not be the Small Business that we are. Lewis and I are excited to have won and will continue to strive to be the best bosses and owners in the industry around the Moore, Cumberland and Scotland County Area. Thank you!!! This Friday, the 19th of April during the 7:00 hour we will be giving away our $5000.00 landscape enhancement on the radio. Turn into Star 102.5 for the drawing. If you have not entered into the drawing yet, you can do so on our website at You can also view the prizes and the rules to enter into the contest. I know that Star 102.5 also has a link on their website as well.

As of right now the following things will be happening in your landscapes within the next couple of weeks. We will coming around doing spot spraying for weeds in your turf (if in your contract), fertilizing the turf and the shrubs as well as putting insecticide out for the shrubs. If your irrigation has not been turned on and you want us to do it please let me know. You can call the office at 910-944-9412 and schedule an appointment for me to come out.

Spring annuals will be out next week as well. If you would like to order them please let me know. I will have green and red leaf begonias, vinca, sun patiens, and new guinea impatiens. Due to a problem with regular impatiens getting “Downy mildew” which gets into the soil, the NC State Agricultural Extension offices have asked that landscapers and homeowners refrain from planting them. If you would like a price on all other annuals either delivered or installed let us know and we will get that to you. I will try to send out a price list to everyone in the next couple weeks as well.

Change to newsletter: Beginning next month we will be changing the way the newsletter is put out and the look of it. If I do not have your e-mail address please make sure that I get it so that you can continue to get the newsletter. If you do not have access to e-mail I will still put a copy of the newsletter in the mail when we mail your statements to you. If you want to visit our website you can register and update your email address on there as well. For those of you that might not have it our web site is: you can find my recipes and other helpful information there as well. Please feel free to visit and like our Facebook page. We have some very interesting items on it along with pictures of our employees, properties and specials. We appreciate all the feedback you guys give us!

As always thank you Again! If you have any questions or comments please call the office and we look forward to seeing you soon Dana & Lewis