Green Thumb SecretsWELCOME: Lewis and I want to first welcome some new staff to our organization. If you have not met them yet you will. We have hired these key people to make our organization a better place to work and also to make sure that all of our customers get the great service that Lewis and I expect you to get and that you have gotten from us in previous years.

Bill Eckert: Irrigation Technician. Bill comes to us with over 12 years experience in landscape irrigation, maintenance, and installations of hardscapes, patios, and ponds. When we get ready to do mid-summer irrigation checks you will be seeing him Jeff Burleson: Division Maintenance Manager. Jeff is a graduate of Sandhills Community College Horticulture Program. He will be responsible for all company training and overseeing of the work that the maintenance crews do.  He along with me will be doing Property Assessments at least every 2 weeks.

Gene Barbee: Production Engineer. Gene is responsible for going out and assessing the work that is being done by the crews while they are on property. He may come up to you and tell you what he is doing and how the scoring works.

Property Assessments: If you have service weekly , Dana, Jeff or Gene will be on site at least 2 times per month. If you have service once per month or every 14 days we will come once per month. It is during those times that we will notify you if something is wrong or needs to be handled. These assessments will normally be done within 1 day of the service day.

“Gardening requires a lot of water — most of it in the form of perspiration.”
– Lou Erickson 

Important News about Inclement weather: I want to remind everyone of our weather policy. During the past couple of months we have had more rain than is normal for this time of year. Normally during July and August we also get torrential downpours. It is due to this unpredictable weather that we are not able to get finished with our work for that day. I assure you if we get behind because of the weather we will still do your property within that same week. If you have questions about this please call me and I will be happy to explain.

Landscape Tidbits- Reasons we don’t like to mow when it is wet

  • Disease spreads quickly when the grass is wet. Fungi and bacteria love nothing more than water mixed with rotting grass clippings.
  • Mowers can easily become clogged. This can have a number of consequences, including; the lawn mower breaking, resulting in an injury, and grass clumping, etc.
  • If it is really soaked outside and has been raining for a while, the soil may be especially prone to compaction, leaving mower tracks or footprints.

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MONTHLY RECIPE: Refreshing Watermelon Salad

3 cups chopped watermelon (3/4-inch chunks)

1 cup chopped cucumbers (1/4-inch chunks)

1 ½ cup Crumbled Mild Feta Cheese

2 Tbsp.  Chopped fresh mint

2 Tbsp.  Balsamic Vinaigrette Dressing

Combine all ingredients and serve them immediately.

As always thank you for being such great customers, extended family and great friends. If you need anything please call the office and we look forward to seeing you soon 😉

Dana Shook & Lewis Bennett & The rest of our staff

P.S. Don’t forget to save the date: October 25th is our annual Customer Appreciation BBQ at our shop