1. Organic gardening

Is organic gardening a trend or the way of the future?

The words ‘organic’ and ‘natural’ are used and abused all over the place, adding confusion to what we really mean by ‘organic gardening’.

To me, it’s an overall guiding principle that directs every decision I make in the garden including choice and placement of plants, how I deal with pests, and how many resources I’ll use to sustain the garden (very few).

It’s a trend I hope takes over the world.

2. Edible gardens anywhere, any time of year

Green Dreams Landscaping Tips This is one of my favorite trends. The premise is, if you really want to grow something, you will find a way.

There’s all sorts of great new examples of growing anywhere:

  • Front yard veggie gardens
  • Indoor veggie gardens
  • Winter veggie gardens
  • Vertical gardens on walls, hanging from ceilings, up the side of buildings

3. Succulents

Succulents are arguably the most photogenic plants! Which is probably why images of succulents tend to go viral on Pinterest.

4. Repurposed Garden art

Are you calling me biased! You’re right. But I’m not alone. I’ve been singing the praises of garden junk for years. Now there’s a lot more people in the chorus.

Some specific garden art/junk trends are:

  • Garden art from natural materials
  • Using tall garden art to add interest to a garden
  • Rust. Forever.
  • Old wooden ladders
  • Winter garden art
  • Concrete and hyper tufa


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